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Here at Canusa Digital, we understand that customers are the heart of any business.  And, if that’s the case, then its lifeblood is new & constant traffic. Lacking the right exposure will, at the very least, severely limit your business.  It won’t matter how great a service, product or business you may have.

All of our in-house staff utilize up-to-date, ahead of the curve, Interactive Marketing practices which help our clients increase exposure, generate laser-targeted traffic, and thusly increase revenues.

Canusa Digital proudly operates on a “no-business-left-behind” philosophy, believing that there should be cost-effective options for every business, regardless of size, age, or situation.  We refuse to believe that there should be a cookie-cutter approach when it comes to marketing your business – and to emphasize that fact we are proud to offer a full range of a-la-carte marketing options and a variety of price-points. To begin determining what each client may need or want we have everyone fill out our Discovery Form

If you have the time to do some of the work yourself or would just like to see what we think is working, versus needing improvement on your website, please accept our Complimentary Site Analysis.  After receiving your request it will typically take between 3 & 5 business days to complete.  Upon completion, we will generally forward you both a video analysis of your site and a written report sharing any congratulations or suggested tips or changes that should be made to your site.

Our Mission

At Canusa Digital our mission is to help our clients threefold:
– to increase their online presence,
– which will generate more traffic,
– which in turn will help increase revenue.